Viral Ventures is a leading hospitality and pop up event company that has a portfolio of over 30 event brands hosting viral events, pop up bars and venues in over 35 cities across the world. We are best known for our pop-up events such as The Brick Bar, The Alice, The Big Bake, Bumper Cars on Ice, Bed Cinema and Dining In The Dark.


Plus venues such as The Wonderland Bar in Potts Point & The Wizard’s Den across multiple cities nationwide.

Viral Ventures uses media coverage and our social media presence to gain traction and advertise our unique upcoming events to drive high ticket sales. We base our events around current trends to maximise hype and coverage. Each event is unique, allowing the company to capture extensive media attention and organic growth.


Viral Ventures was able to effectively pivot into virtual events during the peak of the pandemic, in addition to continuing to open new venues globally. This allowed us to continue to thrive during one of the worst periods for events in history. With the pandemic coming to an end, we are ready to aggressively grow our presence further across the globe.

Our venues and events are unique; they provide something different, immersive and never seen before leading to huge media opportunities, ticket sales and engaged customers.

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