The Rise of Immersive Story-telling

Updated: Apr 19

One of the most powerful skills in our world is the ability to tell a good story – if its marketing, cinema, news, political campaigns or social interactions- storytelling is at the heart of human existence. And when millennials are continuing to value experiences over things, a thirst for a new type of story-telling is emerging- one that doesn’t necessarily have a beginning or end but takes the consumer into a different reality through skilfully merging different medias.

The ‘Immersive experience’ is becoming a powerful player in the events industry, however designing a fictitious world that feels genuine takes artistic skill and great thought. Here are a few of our staple tips to get you started:

1. Get creative with your venue

A lot of the excitement of immersive events comes from the alternate reality the attendee steps-into. So, when picking a venue, go beyond the usual tired functions centre – think abandoned warehouses and hospitals, Gatsby-mansions, Gothic Halls and secret basements. It’s exciting to navigate the mysterious crooks of your city and the new environment heightens the attendee’s sense of exploration and adventure. The venue can either make or break the atmosphere of your event and is by far the easiest way to add that extra layer to your story.

2. Explore all 5 senses

To create a truly immersive experience- a planner must figure out how to engage more than just sight and sound. While the visual aspect is incredibly important to make your event look ‘instagrammable’, little things like food, acting and carefully utilising your environment can create an incredible three-dimensional mood, connecting guests to each other and the event.

3. Think about how you want your guests to be involved

The goal is to make your event an intense personal sensory experience for each audience member- but deep thought should go into the way in which you’re getting your audience involved into the world you’ve built. Should you encourage them to dress up to meet a specific theme? Participate in the story like a video game character? Or encourage interaction with your actors and set?

Think carefully about how you’re going to pull your audience into your narrative to give each person an emotionally involved experience.

A million elements go into trying to blur fiction from reality, author from audience and entertainment from game. A successful event skilfully mends multiple disciplines to enhance an audiences participance in a great story. While the core of your event should be grounded in an amazing story, don’t underestimate the tiny details to transport your guest to that next-level and create unforgettable memories.